Your transformation begins with Quatrépices!

We offer an innovative pedagogical method to re-energize your organization and enhance the skills of your teams, through theatrical improvisation, positive communication, and social psychology.

Our unique approach will enable you to identify action levers and stimulate everyone’s commitment. This will lead to improved performance, increased motivation, and greater loyalty from both employees and customers.

Scientific research at the heart of our services

Our expertise as PhDs in social psychology, management – CSR, and artificial intelligence forms the foundation of our Consulting Training Coaching support. This scientific approach, aimed at enlightening your company’s strategy, enhances its performance and supports its evolution.
Scientific approach to training

Quatrépices, the recipe for successful training!

We passionately design tailor-made trainings, endorsed by prestigious clients such as Ducasse Paris, Les Airelles, Groupe Barrière, Sodexo… Our stimulating and interactive approach awakens the five senses, emotions, and imagination. It enables everyone to develop both their professional and personal soft skills in management and customer relations. Forget the traditional and tedious approaches…

Come taste a playful, enriching, and flavorful experience!
Stimulating and interactive customized training
Our clients

They’ve tried our trainings and share their experiences

The content, pedagogy, and facilitation skills perfectly met our needs. The alternation of pedagogical games and systematic contextualization allowed us to immerse in the content in a cheerful manner. Each objective was achieved by offering different pedagogical approaches. The practical cases are effective and memorable in embodying what is expected, and the mnemonic methods and educational tools are easily reusable in the field. The Quatrépices approach is very impactful.

Isabelle Tessier

Training Manager, Sodexo

I am impressed by our trainer’s ability to link our profession to the exercises we did, which makes the training meaningful. A REAL training that allows for significant improvement in our postures and service, taking time to work on our weak points, approaching our customers with more confidence… The workshops, practical exercises, and tools are applicable at all levels of our lives. This is what makes the training so effective.


Employee, Hôtel Barrière Fouquet’s Paris

Our team

Alexandre and Claire, two experts in enchantment… to make you enchanters

Company expert
Alexandre Dubarry, an artist at heart and an expert in the business world!
Expert in behavioral development
Claire Conan-Vrinat, the magician of behavioral development at Quatrépices!

Quite an art

How enchantment can transform your business

It’s scientifically proven, enchanting your customers allows you to achieve:

  • Unbreakable loyalty
  • A boosted revenue
  • Amplified word of mouth
  • An enhanced reputation
  • A unique signature

And what about the employees?

By placing humans at the heart of your business, you strengthen the engagement, motivation, and loyalty of your employees.

Enchantment: more than a philosophy, a strategic choice!


Our interventions

Enchantment Theory Conference
Each lecture is tailored to the expectations of its audience. Our presentations are based on the Customer Enchantment theory.


Book L'enchantement du client
Book Comment dire à un collègue


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