Our Teaching Approach

An enriching, interactive, and immersive adventure!

  • Get ready to savor exciting theoretical and pedagogical inputs tailored to your challenges: excerpts from conferences, films, podcasts, scientific and marketing studies, bibliographic resources, and more.
  • Examine these insights closely to forge tangible connections with your professional reality. No airy-fairy theoretical babble here! We focus on concrete and operational content, as per our credo.
  • Engage in creativity challenges in sub-groups, whether you’re on-site or connected from the comfort of your couch: idea exchanges, questions, innovative solutions – we share it all!
  • Dive into the captivating world of personal development, with foolproof tools to help reveal your potential. Sophrology & performance? We’re here for that!
  • Progress while having fun with our communication games, theater exercises, and improvisation activities. Yes, we did say “play”!
  • Dare to take on exercises and filmed simulations. Lights, camera, and… action! Because there’s nothing like real practice.
  • Sharpen your perception using our decoding, listening, and observation tools. Like a customer empathy superhero, you’ll miss nothing!
  • Enrich your emotional palette with sensory analysis and the stimulation of senses. The ultimate communicator? That’s you!
  • Lastly, reflect on your progress with our personalized assessments and debriefings. Because every journey deserves its grand finale!
Exciting training courses

Quatrépices, a Recognized and Certified Training Firm

Quatrépices certified by Qualiopi
Quatrepices Datadock
Quatrépices is a certified training firm (No. 11 75 39 476 75) referable to Datadock.

We have achieved the QUALIOPI certification in the category of “training actions.”

We can guide you in the implementation of your training and assist in funding file with your OPCO.

Our Training Process: Tailored, Flexible, Inclusive

Every request for training is welcomed by our expert team. We take the time to craft a unique proposal, tailored to your specific needs, with a quote that covers auditing, analysis, consulting, pedagogical engineering, creation of specific tools, facilitation, as well as follow-up of online or face-to-face trainings.

For each training action, an agreement is established, detailing the context and duration of the intervention, operational objectives, training program, targeted skills, evaluation methods, target audience, training fee, and financing options, as well as the general terms of sale.

Please note that our rates do not include potential costs related to the rental of a seminar room, specific equipment, or expenses for travel, accommodation, and meals for participants and trainers.

Regarding our behavioral trainings, we are committed to providing an inclusive experience. Anyone with a disability is encouraged to reach out to us for adapted support.

Disability Contact: Claire Conan-Vrinat.