They have experienced our training and share their thoughts:

The content, pedagogy, and facilitation skills perfectly met our needs. The alternation of pedagogical games and systematic contextualization allowed us to immerse in the content in a cheerful manner. Each objective was achieved by offering different pedagogical approaches. The practical cases are effective and memorable in embodying what is expected, and the mnemonic methods and educational tools are easily reusable in the field. The Quatrépices approach is very impactful.
Isabelle Tessier

Training Manager, Sodexo

I am impressed by our trainer’s ability to link our profession to the exercises we did, which makes the training meaningful. A REAL training that allows for significant improvement in our postures and service, taking time to work on our weak points, approaching our customers with more confidence… The workshops, practical exercises, and tools are applicable at all levels of our lives. This is what makes the training so effective.


Employee, Hôtel Barrière Fouquet’s Paris

This training taught our employees and executive managers communication and team cohesion tools (practical and technical) to help us handle the sometimes-harsh seasonality of our business, thanks to adaptability and genuine listening from the trainers who adapted to the on-the-ground needs and expectations of our teams.
Sarah Chailan

Director of La Bastide de Moustiers, Alain Ducasse

Very satisfied with this training. Great dynamics, and great kindness from the trainer. Excellent listening and concrete exercises among managers from different services. Tools that can be used both professionally and privately.

Manager, Air-France

A comprehensive training addressing key points to ensure a quality reopening. Tools applicable in several areas such as personal development and human resource management. I didn’t expect to leave with such simple and precise tools to implement in my management. 

Manager, Ducasse Paris

Great workshop! A big thank you to everyone! The trainers know exactly how to stimulate people, allowing them to exceed themselves and give their best.

Head Chef, Sodexo Austria

I learned sales techniques, postures, and essential catchphrases in my job to succeed and maximize customer satisfaction. Allows for personal and professional development, very personalized training.

Manager, Thierry Marx Bakery

Some Figures

Sodexo Managers Training “Animating a Retail Sales Point” 2022


achievement of educational objectives
Ducasse Paris Managers course “Preparing for the Resumption and Supporting Post-Covid” 2021-2022


89% of trainees declare themselves
« very satisfied »
Thierry Marx Bakery Collaborators and Managers Course 2022


92% of trainees declare themselves
« very satisfied »
Training Seminar and Team Building at La Bastide de Moustiers 2022


70% retention of seasonal teams the following year and award of the gold label “Peace&Work”