Our Team of Enchanters

Alexandre Dubarry, a talented artist who masters the business world!

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and holding a PhD in social psychology, he has successfully combined two distinct careers. For over a decade, he worked as a human resources consultant while pursuing his journey as an author, director, and actor. This exceptional tightrope walker skillfully navigates between the worlds of art and business.
Alexandre Dubarry Doctor of Social Psychology
In 2004, Alexandre founded Quatrépices, where he brilliantly merges his two passions: social psychology and theater. His secret? Corporate seminars heavily inspired by theatrical techniques, which unanimously win participants over with their originality and effectiveness. Alexandre is also an accredited member of the European Coaching Association, providing top business leaders with a unique and enriching coaching experience.
But there’s more! In 2012, Alexandre published his first book titled “How to Tell a Colleague They Have Body Odor,” a fascinating exploration of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Then, in 2013, he unveiled “The Customer’s Enchantment,” a reference book on the customer experience.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Alexandre took his research further, undertaking a PhD in Social Psychology, culminating in the world’s first thesis dedicated to the emotion of Enchantment.

Today, he’s proud to be a Doctor in Social Psychology… But make no mistake, at Quatrépices, he’s simply known as « The Maestro of Enchantment! » !
Claire Conan Vrinat behavioral and CSR expert

Claire Conan-Vrinat, the magician of behavioral development!

Coming from a family of artists, she inherited her passion for fine arts from her mother, a plastic arts teacher. For over a decade, she dazzled the stage as an actress and puppeteer before joining Quatrépices in 2010. Since then, she has been using her gift for enchantment in consulting and training missions as an associate consultant. Concurrently, she conducts research in management sciences and CSR, focusing on the enchantment of employees and the tools for humane management.
Passionate and committed, she leads astonishing training seminars, helping employees and managers to unleash their hidden talents. An inexhaustible Mary Poppins, she has more than one trick up her sleeve make each training session a chance to break out of the shell, reveal your qualities, and take off.
With her, you’ll learn to see the beauty around you and rediscover the meaning of your profession. By alternating between play and self-reflection, you’ll surpass your own boundaries, master new tools, and realize your potential.
Ready for an extraordinary adventure into self-discovery?

Welcome to the pedagogical universe of Quatrépices!

Our consultants are more than just experienced professionals. They are artists of training, jugglers of pedagogy, and magicians of enchantment!

Each of our experts has a unique dual training: performing arts – theater, film, dance… – to embody and humorously and relevantly stage our educational messages; and a background in Human Sciences – psychology, social sciences, management… – to understand and develop the potential of each individual.

Alexandre et Claire Quatrepices enchanters
Signature d'Alexandre et Claire
Imagine a passionate troupe mastering the art of transmission and transformation, where each member brings their unique talents for a high-flying performance! They rely on Quatrépices methods they master perfectly, a refined blend of theatrical improvisation, sensory communication, and social psychology.
Their tricks? Spark laughter while planting seeds of knowledge, provoke unforgettable moments through unexpected pedagogical scenarios, and unleash the magic of professional transformation through an immersive and participatory training experience.
At Quatrépices, we firmly believe that learning should be a fascinating, captivating, and enchanting adventure. And our team is here to make this belief a reality.
Experts in training pedagogy

By the way, what does it mean to be an expert in enchantment?

Being an expert in enchantment means first and foremost having the gift to captivate and charm others positively, making every interaction a memorable emotional experience.
Our consultants are all enchantment experts with a strong ability to communicate clearly and effectively, illustrating each new input with examples, stories, and anecdotes that make sense and leave a mark… always with a great sense of humor!

Empathetic and attentive to the trainees’ needs, they appreciate and enhance their skills through “appreciative inquiry”, establishing mutual trust that strengthens commitment.
With their feet on the ground and their heads in the stars, our consultant-trainers abound in creativity and imagination, helping teams and innovatively envision the future enterprise and find positive and stimulating solutions to the challenges they face.

Above all, they have immense faith in self-improvement and in each person’s ability to unearth unexpected resources to enchant themselves and others!